Central Florida Pain Management

Pain is a very complicated condition to treat.

Many people sufer unnecessarily from pain that goes untreated or poorly controlled. Fortunately for them, pain management has become a very sophisticated specialty.

Wellness and Quality of Life

Traditional medicine has gone through three phases. For centuries the physician's goal was simply to preserve life at all cost, hence the emphasis was on prolonging life through medicines, surgery, etc. We've seen that goal shift in the last few decades from merely preserving life to preserving health, hence the emphasis on nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

The new millennium is seeing a further shift in the physician's goal to emphasize Quality of Life and the Concept of Wellness. Total wellness encompasses Body, Mind, and Spirit and is a balance among the physical, emotional, and a healthy lifestyle...

Body - Achieving the maximum state of energy and physical health within the limits of the individual's particular situation. A paraplegic may not be able to achieve the same state of physical health as a 20 year-old linebacker, but he can achieve an optimum measure of health for his individual situation.

Mind - Being able to wake up free from guilt, fear, and anger. These three powerful negative mental states can and will rob an individual of his wellness and quality of life.

Spirit - Involves relationships and connections. As John Donne wrote, "no man is an island". When the first man was created, God said, "It is not good that man should be alone..." We are social beings and as such we cannot achieve wellness, or wholeness, without positive interpersonal relations.

It is my sincere hope that these web pages will inspire you to take whatever measures may be necessary in your life to begin to experience optimum Wellness and Quality of Life.

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